How to beat Safeassign


Learners and academic professionals often scour the internet for reliable plagiarism checkers as they complete their assignments. In most learning institutions worldwide, plagiarism is a severe offense, and avoidance at all costs is the best option. However, there are certain exceptional situations where some level of originality in your write-up is compromised. Therefore, it will interest you to know that you can beat Safeassign. Reading on, you will learn more about how to beat plagiarism in Safeassign and submit original content to your instructor by applying the following four options.

Option #1: Paraphrase words from the primary source

Rewriting the words in your own words is the surest and most trusted way to beat Safeassign, no matter the source of your inspiration and ideas. Paraphrasing is the first rule of any and every writer, irrespective of the level of skills. Most academicians explore topics studied by other scholars and use the available articles as their points of reference to draw relevant information. Therefore, reading the existing sources and writing in your words is essential.

Option #2: Buy essays that beat Safeassign

It is not news that one can buy an assignment online about any specified topic. The essays hawked online do not match existing articles since that is one of the factors to check before one pays for them. To get the value for your money, you will strive to buy an essay that is 100% original or a reasonable percentage of a desired level of originality. Institutions and teachers have a specific plagiarism policy that states the maximum level of similarity index in any given assignment. Many reputable sites and platforms sell already written essays, while some subpar papers. The student should vet the authenticity of the sites and the essays before spending their money on them.

Option #3: Start a new line when you are out of options

This is a tricky option and will likely get you in trouble if you are busted. However, it is worth mentioning as it reduces the potential risk. Safeassign recognizes words as a complete sentence and cross-references them with similar sentences from its database or the internet. Making line breaks after every few words prompts the Safeassign to assume it is a new sentence. The technique only works if the teacher uploads the work in Safeassign as a word document rather than plain text. Suppose the assignment is viewed as plain text. In that case, you will be caught cheating Safeassign and may be in for the disciplinary consequences, including failing grade, cancellation of the work, or academic expulsion.

Option #4: Proper referencing

If the learner has copied information from other articles, journals, and the internet, correct referencing of the sources may save them. It is important to follow the referencing guidelines and styles the instructor gives and correctly show the sources from which information is extracted.


As students, it is important to learn the tactics of beating Safeassign on the blackboard since it uses the blackboard as one of its reference points. Besides the options mentioned above, learners can use Safeassign to check their assignments’ similarity indices and edit until they attain perfection or a satisfactory level. However, the consequences of plagiarizing are daring and should be avoided at all costs.

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